Tommaso has an Exclusive with The Box Films. 

He isa self-taught director. All his work is characterized by his great ability to experiment, combining different artistic levels, such as visual and musical - in fact he is also a musician. In the last two years he has filmed commercials for fashion brands such as Armani, Prada, Missoni, Versace, Bulgari, Moncler.

To recount himself, Thomas writes: “A year ago I bought a pair of glasses with violet lenses at a market. From that day on I started to color my videos by turning the color of the sky and skin tones to the same magenta tones I see through my glasses. I always thought that recognizability was the fundamental element of a director or artist in general. In today’s social world, especially in fashion, we tend to standardize every aspect. So the recognizability element is lost and everything is flattened. For me the most important thing is experimentation, I always try different genres and styles trying to keep but the stylistic points recognizable. My style is deeply influenced by music and sound, so I always personally take care of the sound design part of my works".

Each of his works is characterized by this desire to experiment and create a unique, original and organic universe.