Lisa is a Franco-Italian director based in Paris, each film is a new technical and artistic challenge.


She studied graphic design at the Instituto d’Arte in Florence Italy, then filmmaking and animation at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (USA) and she completed an MFA in animation at Les Gobelins in Paris, France. In 2013, after working for about 8 years in traditional Animation, Vjing and Video mapping, she has transitioned progressively to directing live action films.


Growing up in Florence Italy and traveling the world from a very young age alongside her anti-conformist family, Lisa has developed an understanding of multiculturalism, a taste for storytelling, the abstract and the absurd. In her filmmaking she likes to flirt with experimental and conceptual limits. Working with a wide range of techniques, from Live Action to 2D / 3D animation and video mapping, she has directed a multitude of commercials, fashion films, music videos and video Installations.