D&G - #FollowYourGroove - Sasha

6 shoes, 6 stories. All set in London

ANY OCCASION: they all intend to involve a heterogeneous range of paintings and contexts, in terms of moods and references for the viewer.
ANY CHARACTER: specifically, the protagonists show different characters, giving personality and roundness to the project.

On the top, there's Sasha and the Taxi.
Below, the other 5 stories.


Tadas and the Barber Shop

Sujin & Wieger and the Bar

Nic and the House

Jameel and the street

Signe and the Gym

Director: Andrea Micheloni
Cinematographer: Giuseppe Favale
Production by: The Box Films & 360degreesfilm
Executive Producer: Stefano Negri, Nicola Rosada
Service Producer: Pamela Pifferi
Production Manager: Alvise Fachinetti
Post Production: Iggy Post
Casting: Irene Manicone
Set Designer: Christopher Melgram
Steadycam operator: Josh Brooks
Location Manager: Nicolas Cousin
Music: MACE