EA SS21 Eyewear



Giorgio Armani, ever attentive to the issue of environmental responsibility, continues to pursue the brand’s responsible approach with Emporio Armani Eyewear, presenting in 2021 a selection of eyewear made with eco-friendly materials.

The focus on sustainability takes shape through a series of coordinated responsible actions: from product design and construction, to the use of recycled materials, and continued communications aligned to initiatives planned throughout the upcoming year.

The ADV campaign, shot in Milan, attained EMA Gold Seal Green certification from the Environment Media Association. A sustainable agenda set early in the shoot phase ensured considerable savings were made in resources and a consequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
Those remaining were then offset by supporting Agrocortex, a REDD+ off-setting project aimed at preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.


Director: Beniamino Barrese
Creative Production Company: The Box Films
Executive Producer: Stefano Negri
Starring: Alberto Perazzolo, Nanda Isaia
Cinematographer: Marco De Pasquale
Hair Stylist: Dora Roberti
Set Designer: Amos Caprotta
Steadicam Operator: Luca Sportelli
Original Score: Miguel Mirana
Editor: Valentina Cicogna
Colorist: Diego Diaz
Post Production: Iggy Post

Production Team: Maria Cristina Barberis, Elisa Ciarla, Maria Sole Parlato, Tommaso Bullo, Nicolò Carugo