LUCIO CORSI - Cosa faremo da grandi?

"Cosa faremo da grandi?" is not a simple video clip but one of the chapters of a film born from the collaboration, "artistic brotherhood", between the director Tommaso Ottomano and the singer-songwriter Lucio Corsi. Both of them, coming from the Maremma region, decided to set this film without head or tail, a set of stories, music, poems and stories set among the trees of the shadow and not among the poles of light. This video is the last chapter of the film, the chapter of the Sea.

Director: Tommaso Ottomano
Production: The Box Films and Sugar
Executive Producer: Stefano Negri
Dop: Marco De Pasquale
Scenographer: Michela Croci
Make up and Hair Stylist: Vanessa Icareg
Sound: Giacomo Colussi