Marcelo Burlon - County of Milan Campaign SS21

Killing time, it dazzles and dizzies, from dawn till dusk. Speed is just a feeling. The sunset is a whole summer, the night is the favorite day.


Director: Tommaso Ottomano
Photographer: Francis Delacroix
Creative Director: Marcelo Burlon
Art Director: Bratislav Tasic
Executive Producer: Stefano Negri
Creative Production Company: The Box Films
Starring: Otto Matics, Cristian López Valdés, Josh McGregor, Ray Anneanet, Juenzoo, Carlos Gonsales Tur, Taylor & Bats, Miranda Makaroff
Service Company: Ibiza Film Service
Location Manager: Alberto Amador
Production Team: Iker Monge Masó, Aide Monge Masó, Toni Terrasa, Santi Camarero, Clara Soler Isart, Nico Santa Maria
Cinematographer: Marco DePasquale
Steady Operator: Luca Sportelli
Make Up: Ramon Rios
Set Designer: Irene Martin
Daily Rush Film Service: Illmatic Film Group Company, Jacopo Pica
Music Supervisor: Pampam studio