Missoni - American Lessons

In the mid 1980s, Harvard University invited Italo Calvino to give lectures during the 1985/1986 academic year. The lectures were published postmortem in 1988 in a volume entitled "American lessons. Six proposals for the new millennium".

Tommaso was inspired by Calvino's 5 lessons and has declined them into 5 videos for Missoni. To achieve this and create a link with the past, a 16 mm ball was used. However, he wanted to differentiate the videos as much as possible, trying to draw inspiration from different worlds and styles.

As in all of Tommaso's works, the sound was taken care of by himself: he composed the music, taking inspiration from different genres. From funky (Multiplicity) to the 80s (Exactitude), up to the sounds of the 60/70s (Lightness, Visibility).

On the top, there's Chapter 1 - Lightness.

Below, the other 4 chapters.

Chapter 2 - Quickness

Chapter 3 - Exactitude

Chapter 4 - Multiplicity

Chapter 5 - Visibility

Director: Tommaso Ottomano
Dop: Marco De Pasquale
Models: Gabrielle Braga, Taja Feistner, Grace Anderson, Etienne de Testa, Eden
Style & concept: Beatrice Papa
Hair & Make-up: Dora Roberti, Vanessa Icareg
Executive Producer: Stefano Negri