Prada 520

In celebration of 20 May, or ‘5/20’, the Chinese day dedicated to love, Prada focuses on the emotion’s vital force and the intense and bewitching beauty it reveals when it blossoms. Inspired by this concept, the campaign is centred on an artistic fantasy, where flowers in a vast array of shapes and colours seem to appear and open spontaneously on bodies and objects, forming part of a harmonious relationship.


Director: Lorenzo Gironi
Florals by: Mark Colle
Featuring: Lina Zhang, Alexander Poole
Hair Stylist: Patti Bussa
Make-up Artist: Rocco Santamorena
Cinematographer: Gianpaolo Lupori
Editor: Valentina Landenna
Executive Producer: Stefano Negri
Producers: Luca Zampieri, Giulia Lazzaroni