We may not believe anymore in fairytales and legends. We may not be so keen on traditions these days. But a little bit of magic, a little bit of mystery is what we need and what can happen only when stars are aligned (on Qixi day stars form a ideal bridge) and love is unleashed.

We want to tell a modern version of the Qixi legend, representing the distance and the impossibility to live the romance at its full potential. We imagine that these two lovers live in different worlds and we would portray them through an unusual and attention getting visual trick (vertical reverse split screen). We will follow the journey of the characters and - as every happy-ending novel - love will prevail.

Director: Lorenzo Gironi
Cinematographer: Alessandro Ubaldi
Executive Producer: Stefano Negri
Line Producer: Luca Zampieri
Creative director: L/O - Lorenzo Gironi & Mattia Mangano
Editor: Federica Intelisano
Music Supervisor: Jean_soundesignstudio
Post Production: Iggy Post
Color: Daniel Pallucca at Iggy Post