PRADA - Tie Dye #pradamakingoff

Tie Dye by Tommaso Ottomano is the Pilote episode of #PradaMakingOf .

A web serie made to explain 5 different processes of Prada manufacturing. The idea is to describe these processes through a contemporary "arty" video language, far from the classic corporate video. The minimal, almost aseptic tone of voice, gives importance to colours. While the perfect and methodical movements of the technician, suggest the care and attention necessary to create a Prada Collection.

This aesthetic approach has been a winning choice, the video indeed achieved exceptional results already during the first day online on PRADA instagram page with over 900000 views. Is thanks to these results that TheBoxFilms and Tommaso Ottomano, an outstanding director in the scene, exclusively represented by TheBoxFilms, had the opportunity to develop the remaining 4 episodes of the #PradaMakingOf serie.

Tommaso is also a composer and the sound is one of the fundamental elements in his videos. In Prada ‘TieDye’ the music is a raw SoundDesign, using the Foley technique, the sounds emitted by the machines are recorded during the shooting and reassembled during the editing, emphasized and treated as if they were real instruments. The final effect will be an "orchestra" of gears and mechanics.