VW T-Roc – After School

Directed by Jon Barber, the two commercials show how it's always a source of pride to have a Volkswagen T-Roc to go aboard.
The two very young protagonists of the films - a boy and a girl of 8-10 years - take the opportunity to express their way of being Born Confindent, taking advantage of an apparently normal situation. Two cut, one male and one female, to enhance the versatility of the T-Roc style and directly address both targets

Director: Jonathan Barber
Dop: Fabian Wagner
Executive Producer: Federico Levizzani
Line Producer: Claudia Amendola
Service production Company: Mendips  
Editor: Luca Tontodonati 
Post Produzione online: Iggy post
Mix audio: Top Digital 
Color Correction: Claudio Beltrami