Lucio Corsi - Trieste

Director: Tommaso Ottomano 

Produced by: The Box Films and Sugar   

Executive Producer: Stefano Negri 
Production Coordinator: Olivia Lusena 
Production Assistant: Mariasole Parlato   

DOP: Marco De Pasquale 

Hair and Make up Syilist: Vanessa Icareg  

Styling and clothes maker: Giulia Revolo 

Stylist Assistant: Martina Iannuzzi 

Seamstress / Pattern Maker: Gabriella Mangiapia  

Scenographer: Michela Croci   

Special Effects Make up Stylist: Ettore Merendino  

Special Effects Make up Stylist Assistant: Beatrice Birolo   

Backdrop: Luisa Terruzzi 

Guitar Flying V: Massimo Palmiotta 

Studio and techical materials: Moviechrome